Dance yourself free

Be who you want to be...break free...

find balance...reignite the fire!



Dance yourself free

Be who you want to be...break free...

find balance...reignite the fire!


Are you looking for:

More balance?

More calm?

More zest?

More vibrancy?

More energy?

More fun?


Do you want:

Less stress?

Less worries?

Less restriction?

Less rules?

Less should-do's?

Less have-to-do's?


Would you like:

More inspiration?

More freedom?

More loving connection with yourself?

...then dance!


Can you remember the last time you danced?

The music? The sweat? The tears? The laughter? 

Can you remember the last time your body said YES!?

Imagine  your heart beating, the smile on your face... 

that relaxed and open feeling after you've sweated out your prayers on the dance floor...

Don't you feel great? Doesn't it make you feel alive?

Wouldn't you like more?



Hi Lovely! 

I'm Nik and I'm a woman on a mission.

I want to show you how to live a vibrant, energised and fun-filled life.

I want to teach you how to move with joy and abandon.

I want to inspire you to laugh, smile and heal your body, mind and spirit through dance! 


I am the creator of DiSolve Dance, a Soul Coach, Nia teacher, massage therapist, yogini, feldenkrais trainee, surfer, adventurer and traveller. I work with women and men who are looking to reinvent their lives so they can live with more freedom!  These people push boundaries, step out of convention and take back the reigns.  

I want to support you to reclaim your energy so you can refocus and propel yourself forward. I want to inspire you to be more free, more happy and more in love with your life!

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.
— Martha Graham

So why dance? Because dance is not just another way to move and get fit (although it will do that too). Dance is a very intimate way to converse with your body that allows a loving and authentic expression of your unique personality.  When we do this, we can have incredible insights into our lives which gives us the chance to change for the better.

If you're worried about "not being a dancer", don't be!  Through my classes you will find that dance is something that comes naturally. Trust me... we were born to dance and be danced!

If this is still too nerve-wracking for you, I offer other body-centred techniques and soul coaching that can help you be more in your body and away from your stressful, racing mind and enable you to be more fluid, relaxed and vibrant in your life.


Read on below for more!


who am I

Let Me

Tell You a Story

who am I

Let Me

Tell You a Story

And it isn't all roses and rainbows!  Do you ever get that feeling "that there must be more to life than this?" I can relate!

In the past I was an event manager, healthy lifestyles coach and surf resort manager.  As fun as these jobs were, I always felt like there was something missing.  I felt trapped in my life, restless and unfulfilled.

After a heart-wrenching break up, I finally embarked on a long-awaited dream of travelling the world solo. I packed up, picked up my surfboard and set off around the globe.  This was the dream. No attachments, no fixed plan, no responsibility. I thought "this is what I was means to be free".   

I was doing all the things I loved; travel, surf, yoga and meeting new people. But as the year went on, I realised there was still something missing.  I was bored. I wasn't growing. I was out of balance. I felt like I was cornered in another way. When I returned home, it was clear that doing what I wanted had not changed the way I was doing life -

I was still a slave to my emotions, my circumstances and society's expectations.

What I thought was freedom, was actually just another cage, wrapped up in different packaging. So I started my search for real, life-long freedom.

I reflected on my travels and asked myself - What was it that made my experience of travelling feel like freedom? What did I experience from that trip that could continue to be part of my existence back home?  The two things that stood out to me, were adventures in nature and dancing! I realised that these two things connected me to my Joy, the present moment, my authentic and unique self and they allowed my creativity to flourish. This was freedom!

Since that realisation, I have explored many different modalities to ignite my body, mind and spirit. But the most powerful one continues to be dance.

I believe everyone has a right to freedom and happiness. Everyone should live a life that makes them radiate with strength, positivity and love. 

Today I am excited to share my knowledge with those who are tired of the same old same old and looking to reignite their dreams, enhance their love of LIFE and reignite their sense of freedom!

I have shared my experiences and my method with hundreds of others through movement and bodywork classes, workshops and retreats and as a motivational speaker.  Today, I continue to train people in how to connect with their body to access the full expression of their health and happiness!


Join Me

Join Me & Transform Your Life

Join Me

Join Me & Transform Your Life

Let Me Be Part of Your Journey To a Free & Happy You!

I believe the body is a gateway to changing the experience of your life.  If our bodies are happy and healthy, if it is moving freely and with fluidity, our lives often reflect that too. 

All my offerings use your physical body to help navigate your individualised path to the best and healthiest version of you.



If you are looking for a way to break free and be free, a way to shake off tension and stress and a chance to reconnect and reignite your passion - then DANCE!

I offer empowering Nia classes and transformative DisSolve Dance journeys giving you two unique ways to move your body like you are meant to - with freedom, fun and Joy...

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Online Courses 

Do you want more spring in your step? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Bored? Restless? Ready to be a more amazing version of you?

If you can't make it to me or you would prefer to be in the comfort of your home check out my online courses

Learn effective tools to start living your life with more freedom, more balance and more happiness...


ONLINE Soul Coaching

Are you ready to get unstuck?  Be fearless? Move forward with your life with motivation and confidence? Reach your potential?  

If you are after a sharp-shooting, no bull-sh*t style of coaching then get in touch. 

I use highly effective energetic techniques to access and unblock areas of your life that are holding you back...

chris-ensey-87456 (4).jpg

Aroha Bodywork

If you are feeling aches and pains or you are stressed out and tired, or you just want some time out for you, I can help.

My bodywork therapies work on multiple levels to optimise your health and wellbeing.  With energetic and physical realignment you will leave feeling healthy and whole.

Get more from your body and your life...



Let's Join Forces


Let's Join Forces

Are you a health professional, fellow practitioner, or in the business of happiness and health?

I have collaborated with Yogis, DJs, Bodyworkers, Healers, Life Coaches and Movement Specialists for numerous festivals and corporate gatherings to create unique and transformative experiences for attendees. 

If you would like me to speak, present or collaborate with you at your next event or if you have another grand idea on how we can work together, please contact me!