Move Your Body



Move Your Body

Thanks for an amazing experience at Earthbeat! I loved letting loose with everyone, the feeling of being free to dance as crazy as my body would allow was energising. The connected aspect rocked, and giving personal gratitude at the end was beautiful.
— James

Dancing makes me feel free, joyful and alive!  I like to share the philosophy that everyone can dance in three safe and welcoming classes - Nia, Connection FreeDance and Just Dance classes.  Each of the classes emphasise moving in your own unique way and trying new ways of moving! With exploration and play, we can go beyond our perceived limits and experience an opening of possibilities. Arohanui, Nik.

Class descriptions


Nia is a dance-based fitness class that takes inspiration of movement from nine different forms three martial forms (tai chi, aikido, tae kwon do), three dance forms (jazz, modern and duncan dance) and three mindful arts (yoga, feldenkrais and alexander technique). Nia uses simple choreography and energising music to guide awareness to the  sensations of the body.  As a student, you will learn to connect with your body's way and understand how it wants to, and needs to move, to make fitness and movement an enjoyable experience. You are encouraged to take these lessons from your body and practice them outside of the classroom to transform the way you live your life - in pleasure, ease and joy!

There are currently no classes scheduled.

DiSolve Dance 

Do you want to learn more about your body? Do you want to get out of habit and discover new ways of being? Would you like to be more comfortable expressing yourself through movement? Are you a rebel at heart, ready to tear down barriers?   

DiSolve Dance is about freedom in movement, freedom in your mind, and freedom in your spirit.  It's experimentation. It's exploration. DiSolve Dance sessions are a conscious dance experience - a time to let go and be moved. There is no set choreography and you are invited to explore, be creative and "play" your way through the session. 

The intention of the class is to move to heal, so you may become more connected to self, the environment and others.  The body is a physical reference point by which we can learn a lot about our lives. In the dance we move the body to discover and learn and engage our mind to be a facilitator of our personal growth. 

You are invited to move with an open mind, test your limits, become aware of habits and notice the "stuck points" within the body, and mind. 

Emotional release, tension release and overcoming mental and physical barriers are some of the outcomes of a session.

DiSolve Dance will take you on a journey through music to form a stronger, more compassionate relationship with yourself and others. You are guided with simple suggestions as to how you can explore more deeply, through your dance.

DiSolve Dance will inspire you to move more radically, become more comfortable trying something new and bring you insights about your life beyond the dance floor.

DiSolve Dance "Law":

  • Always be ready to Play

  • Always be ready to Explore

  • Always be ready to have Fun

  • Never let your spirit be caged...


There are currently no classes scheduled at this time.


Dancing in the Dark!

Music, music, music, dance, dance, dance! This class is designed for people who love to dance in their living rooms...but would like to do it with others! The music is picked to be fun, uplifting and energising and definitely not serious.

There are currently no regular classes scheduled at this time.


Please like our facebook page www.facebook.com/freedancesessions to see the upcoming schedule + location for DiSolve Dance and Dancing in the Dark classes.




Aroha Bodywork


Aroha Bodywork

Energy flows where attention goes...

Massage is one of the best ways to take focussed time out to concentrate on you and your health.  I believe in holistic health - that is to be truly healthy, a person must address body, mind, spirit and their environment to be the best that they can be.  I bring this philosophy into my massage therapies to aid you to deeply heal within your body and beyond. Come and enjoy a massage in my beautiful studio in Raglan.

Hi Nik - Just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing massage. I am so glad I chose the 1 hour as I just didn’t want it to end. I felt relaxed & peaceful! Loved it!
— Kirsten, Tauranga

De Mousgraff Method

The De Mousgraff Method is a massage the encompasses many wisdoms from many different healing therapies, including swedish massage, thai massage, reflexology, acupressure, chakra balancing, meridian energies, polarity work, body alignment, auric healing and more. This holistic approach to healing leaves an overwhelming sense of relaxation and balance in the body physically and energetically. 

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a massage method from Hawaii, sometimes referred to as Kahuna massage. Lomi Lomi is a holisitic massage that uses the power of breath (Ha breath) and intention, to heal and restore the body back to it's more natural, fluid state. A characteristic of Lomi Lomi, is its long flowing strokes both under and over the body, simultaneously, aiding to relax the body and the mind and connect to the spirit. Please note that this massage style is offered to clients who have experienced Lomi Lomi previously, or have had several massages with Aroha Massage.



Aroha Bodywork Rates

60 min massage

A whole body experience in either style to bring healing to all systems. Includes a complimentary hot towel therapy to leave you in total bliss.

$110 one off 

3 massage pass = $100 per massage = $300

5 massage pass = $90 per massage =$450

All passes have a 6 month validity from date of purchase and cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods.  They may not be shared and are generally non-refundable.


90 min massage

Indulge and fully immerse into release and relaxation with a ninety minute full body massage in either style. More attention can be given to your particular body's needs to truly customise your experience.  Includes a complimentary hot towel therapy to deepen your relaxation.

$155 one off

3 massage pass = $150 per massage = $450

5 pass = $135 per massage = $675

All passes have a 6 month validity from date of purchase and cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods.  They may not be shared and are generally non-refundable.



Nicola is amazing at what she does! I have had numerous massages from her and every one has been different. She is so intuitive and can tell exactly what my body needs, where the source of discomfort is coming from, and which technique to use. Nicola is very professional and I feel completely comfortable with her. In fact, I fall asleep pretty much every time. This may also be attributed to her ridiculously comfortable massage table. Her massage studio is light and airy, and always smells divine. It’s the perfect healing space! Thank you so much Nik, my body and spirit are always so grateful for your healing hands.
— Mahuru Wilcox, Raglan
It was sublime. Thanks Nik
— Sean, Thai Massage Therapist, Raglan
What an incredible experience to be massaged by you, Nik. It really was one of the best massages I have ever had and you really got into those little tight spots! You have the most incredible hands - what a talent! I look forward to the next one. Thank you.
— Lisa Gilmour, Tauranga
I recently had a mobile massage by Nik and it was a divine experience! Nik quickly put me at ease and had a lovely touch with a good combination of relaxation and intuitively finding the areas needing work. Nik has a warm welcoming personality, great massage skills and a spiritual connection. I would definitely recommend her.
— Jen Martin, Tauranga