Reach Your Potential



Reach Your Potential


Tools I use to get you ahead

  • Energy healing techniques - I assist you to dissolve energetic and emotional blockages and teach you how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs, concepts and unaligned patterns.
  • Tapping into your body wisdom  - I guide you to listen and teach you to decode the messages your body is giving you, so you can move forward and thrive in your life.
  • Laser-focussed intuitive enquiry - I guide your higher self to come to the fore and teach you how to pinpoint the root of your problems, so you aren't floundering and wasting time.


WARNING! Do not contact me if...

  • You are not ready to change your life radically (because, well that's just like clipping your wings right before you jump off the cliff...)
  • You do not like the idea of full autonomy and freedom (if you want to take control of your life, you need to own ALL of your life)
  • You like things sugar-coated and softened (sorry, I'm a sharp-shooting kind of girl.  I get straight to the point so you can get straight to work on being amazing).

Are you tired of being stuck? Unmotivated? Afraid?

Does your life seem to be on repeat of the same debilitating patterns of self-doubt, self-criticism and fear?

Do you have a secret desire to leave it all and start up a new life around your passions?

Do you have a project that needs more support and ideas for growth and potential and could use some extra oomph to get you excited, motivated and moving on it?

If you would like to reach your potential, find more freedom, more happiness and more "realness" in the business of your life, then I would love to work with you!


Why work with me?

Because I am not your average coach! I use my focussed-enquiry style with my intuitive guidance that talks directly with your soul, to pinpoint areas of your life that are blocking you from moving in the direction you desire. 

This combined with my powerful energy healing technique can assist you to unblock and delete any old patterns, beliefs, ideas and stories that you have that stop you from living an amazing life.

I understand that even if the goal is the same, no two people are identical.  So I always give you personalised tools to work with (no cookie-cutter style here) so that you can start lining your life up, so it works FOR you, not against you.

Plus, I'm not the kind of coach who only helps and supports you.  I want to teach you to use these techniques yourself so you can truly take the reigns back on your life!

"Who am I?  I am a sharp-shooter. I don't wrap you in cotton wool, I tell it to you real.  I don't try to pretty it up and I don't let you get away with your delusions. 
But I am also a visionary. I see your talents. I see your potential and I will guide you to take inspired action towards your dreams. I believe in you!
Through all of my work of dance, bodywork and coaching I want to see you evolve into the amazing person you are meant to be."
-Nik Chung

Coaching Packages

Unlock Your Magic

Coaching Packages

Unlock Your Magic

Magnetize My Business 1:1 Coaching Programs

The magic IS in you, but sometimes we need help to get it out!  All my coaching programs are designed to realign your thoughts, beliefs, action and energy in a way that supports your dreams and gets you moving towards your goals.

The fastest way to get you where you want, is to have a coach who can guide you on your journey.  Think of them as a person who has been there, done that and can show you the quickest route possible! 

Stop feeling frustrated, lost and confused.  Stop feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed.  Stop feeling unclear and unsure of what to do next.  Stop wasting time!

I will be help you to unlock your own inner wisdom, intuition and power, be your strongest supporter and your BS detector, so that you can move past your own self-imposed barriers, to start creating the business and life that you desire.  Read on to see what I offer.


Fire-up & Get Moving! Your 4-week Coaching Package

This coaching package is for those who want to kick-start their business ideas into motion or gain some momentum on an existing idea that needs some reworking and reenergising.


This is especially for new ideas and/or new passion-driven entrepreneurs who want some support and guidance to drive their idea or new business into being and to do it with a BANG!

We work together for 4 weeks and it includes three 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with me. I will work with you through your self-limiting beliefs and habits and help you to get unstuck and move forward with rapid speed to manifest your ideas quickly. After these four weeks you will have moved faster than you have ever before and have seen the effort of taking action paying off.


If you are serious about moving forward on your dreams and desires and you are ready to move FAST then please fill out an application form.


Be Bold & Grow - 8 Week Intensive Program

This coaching package is specifically for those who need more support to get themselves on track to creating the business they desire.  


Through this program we work on your self-limiting beliefs and unaligned action that stops you from growing the business you desire. PLUS  we will be focussed on creating a vibrational energy that invites in OPPORTUNITY to help you move towards your goals quicker.  


We work together for six 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions spread out over eight weeks.  As with all my packages, we work with your energy and beliefs as well as develop personalised game plans to get you taking practical action towards creating your dream business.  Included in this package are weekly email follow ups, to make sure you are on task and en pointe!


After these eight weeks together, you will feel clear on what direction you are headed and the steps to getting to where you want.  You will be vibrating at an energetic level that allows opportunities to come to you and you will have tools to make decisions that allow your business to thrive and to have fun while growing your business.


If you are ready to take massive action towards creating your dream business, please fill out an application form.


The Accelerated Growth 8-Week Program

This coaching package is the most supported package offered by me.  It is specifically for those who are ready to dive deep into the structures of their beings that stop them from becoming the powerful and inspiring leaders and successful entrepreneur that they desire to be.

We work together over eight 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls to unravel your self-limiting beliefs and self-imposed ceilings and we will devise practical, inspired action plans to get you the physical changes in your business that you desire! 

Included in this highly supportive program, is unlimited email access to me.  This means that any hurdle that you can't figure out yourself, you can reach out and I will respond within 12 business hours to your request.

PLUS  you get an additional 180-minute planning and strategy session to get crystal clear on your goals and intentions for your business right off the bat.  As well as this, you will get a complimentary post-program call, one month after you complete working with me, to check in and keep you moving forward.

You will leave these 8 weeks feeling inspired, motivated and clear on where you want your business to go and have practical tools to get you there, while keeping it fun and sustainable! You will have an empowered sense of self and will have reconnected to your authentic and unique skills and traits that make you a magnet for opportunity and success in your business. 

If you are ready to move forward with clarity, speed and motivation, then please fill out an application form.

The Application Process

Please note:  Oftentimes my coaching services are full.  If I receive your application and I am unable to work with you straight away, I will let you know. 

I read each application carefully.  Please take your time to fill out your answers honestly and thoughtfully as these will be the basis of assessment of whether we can work together or not.  I do not accept every application for a number of reasons including, but not limited to:

1) What you need is not what I am knowledgeable and able to help you with

2) You are unclear what you need from my coaching services

3) You are not 100% committed to change

Please do not be offended if this happens. The application process and (if approved) the subsequent chat thereafter are our opportunities to make sure that we will make a great team!


I'm ready!  Let me fill out the application


Application Form

Want to Work With Me? Apply Here!

Application Form

Want to Work With Me? Apply Here!









Hear what others have to say...


Unravelling dilemmas...

Nik has an innate ability to intuitively know where I'm at and then provide exactly what is needed, tailored to me in that moment. Nik shed's light on my blindspots, unravels my dilemmas to their roots and essence and enables me to grow.  After every chat with Nik, I feel ready to jump into life with more clarity and excitement.

- Rachel, 40 years young

A new Career Path...

Nik helped me come up with a path for my coaching career which I'm super excited about. As we talked I felt really supported by her. She listened to me deeply and then opened my eyes to levels I hadn't even thought of yet. Nik's enthusiasm for seeing me grow and her belief in me is catchy. I think she's just as excited for my new path as I am!

- Tom, 32 years young.