Patience brings fortune

There are times in your life, when you will be tested.  You will want to pack your bags, chuck your desires aside and give up.

Sometimes the Universe is just asking for your patience. 

Personally I find patience super hard, because I am a go, go, go kinda girl. When I’ve decided something should happen, I want it NOW! ?

Lately though, I’ve really had this lesson thrown back to me over and over again. I guess I have something to learn? 😉

Patience demands a certain amount of faith and trust. It is not obviously HERE NOW and neither is it obviously manifesting.

Often the thing we are seeking to come into fruition hides itself so well, that we could be mistaken to believing that it hasn’t even taken root yet, let alone coming to meet us! ?

This is where faith and trust is so important.

When you whole heartedly believe in what you do or what you want, when you are ready to withstand the hurdles and the hardships because you so doggedly believe in your dreams, that’s when you win!

To overcome that which wants to hold us back, we need to keep the faith ?Remind ourselves of why we deserve it, why it is important, how it is possible and be ready to receive it at any time and in any form.

We are beings of unlimited potential living in a limitless Universe. The world is abundant and we can be a beacon to that, or not. We choose.

So what has been asking for your patience lately? What is asking for your faith and trust?


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Dear Reader,

Here are a few questions to help you on your journey:

  • What is requiring your patience right now?
  • What causes you to lose faith/trust/patience?
  • What beliefs or ideas stop you from persevering to seeing your dreams come into fruition?
  • What can you let go of that would help facilitate faith/trust/patience?

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Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash