Set your boundaries & set yourself free.


The key to freedom is knowing what you want and what you don’t want.  What are you willing to accept and what are you not?  What will you welcome into your life, and what will you reject?

These are the two basic tenets of boundaries:
One – setting boundaries as to what you don’t want in your life; and
Two – defining what you DO want in your life.

The first one I see as being very firm and compassionate. THIS is what I WILL NOT put up with. Note firm and compassionate. It’s the guardian heart. It’s the passive resistance. Not to say you don’t take action. You take action to remove yourself, you take action FOR yourself, but not action against another. 

The second boundary I see as being clear but open. It is being clear for asking what we really want in our lives, but also open for it coming in a way that we do not expect and for it coming to us bigger and better than we could have ever imagined.

We are often scared to ask for EXACTLY what we desire, because we might see ourselves as selfish, ungrateful, materialistic etc. But why not? There is enough for everyone. We need to step into the new paradigm of abundance and self-empowerment, rather than lack and disempowerment.

We are often scared to put up boundaries, because we are scared of being seen as bitchy, demanding or we feel we will hurt others or offend them. We need to step up into our power and inspire others to do the same. Not sit on the sideline of our lives.

This fear of setting boundaries comes down to self worth. 

How much do you respect and love yourself? 
Do you respect yourself enough to lay your own law down and believe in your infinite potential? 
Do you love yourself enough that you know that you deserve everything that you wish and more? 
Or do you dislike yourself so much and disrespect the unlimited being that you are that you bend to the will of others and strip yourself of your own power?

You know what? THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY! When I see women and men who are step away from their power, I want to shake them and say “WAKE UP!”

You are not a victim!
You are not a powerless!
You are not unworthy!

You are a being of infinite potential and power who deserves respect and love in all its forms.

Let’s stand up people! Let’s not be afraid of our own magnificence! 

So let me know in the comments below – what are the ways you can start to set your boundaries?


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Dear reader,

Here are a few questions for your further exploration:

  • Where do you have boundaries set?  What are they? Where do you lack boundaries?
  • What do you like and what don’t you like?
  • What stops you from setting boundaries (both kinds)?
  • What would life look like if you were to set your boundaries?
  • What are three ways that you could start to set boundaries?

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Photo by Paula May on Unsplash