Listen to your Body

Your body is your personal library to all of life’s secrets.  It is your tap of knowledge. It is your own supercomputer.  So why wouldn’t you listen to it?

If you are anything like me you are a trail blazing, hard working, highly motivated, high energy, I-have-this-idea-I-want-it-to-manifest-now kind of person!  I love your enthusiasm, I really do! But does it make you neglect your body?  

Listening to your body is one of the keys for achieving the highest function of your mental, physical and spiritual/creative self simultaneously.

The communication and connection with the body is one of the pivotal tools that I use in my coaching practice.  We embody every experience that we have, every thought that we think, every belief that we believe.  We store that stuff in our body!

So when your body is talking to you LISTEN TO IT!

This is especially true when your body is not working 100%.

When we neglect our body, by pushing too hard, not resting enough, not moving enough, feeding it with foods and drinks that are not nourishing, thinking negatively about it, ignoring aches and pains, what we are doing, is putting a strong energetic impulse out into the universe that says:




What the universe does is listen to you (really it is a benevolent world that we live in!).  And so it gives you more things in your life that show you that this is true.  

One of the easiest ways that we can change our life around, is starting with the body.  How do we interact with it?  How do we communicate with it?  Is what we do (or not do), say (or not say), loving and kind?

If you change your relationship with your body, you start to change your life. 

So, what is your body trying to tell you?  What could you do FOR your body right now that would be kind and loving? Comment below and let me know!


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Dear reader,

Here are a few more questions to get you diving a little deeper:

  • When do you fail to listen to your body? What are the consequences?
  • If you were to treat your body with love and care all the time, what would happen in your life?
  • What could you do right now that would positively change the relationship you have with your body?
  • How many times do you ‘ask’ your body, what it would like to do? If you’ve never tried it, do

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Photo by Andalucía Andaluía on Unsplash