5 Simple Ways to Clear Your Energy Daily. For Coaches and Healers.

Clearing Your Personal Energy Is Important To Allow a Clearer Channel For You and Your Clients.

From my experience as a coach, mentor and healer, my sessions are always much more powerful and en-pointe (plus way less draining) when I clear my personal energy daily.

If you are like me, you feel everything that comes from – your client, your environment, your relationships and your own personal junk.

Anyone else feel me?

Having strong boundaries are great for managing outside energy leaks, but they don’t handle our own stuff.

So here are 5 simple tips for daily clearing of your energy:

  1. Move Your Body. I love to dance, because I can really feel through any heavy energy or emotions and let them move through my body. But anything goes! As long as it’s done with intention to clear, not as a band-aid!

  2. Conscious Showers. Okay, I just wanted a nice catchy phrase. But seriously, as per above, intention goes a long way. I love to hop into a shower at the end of a big day and imagine the water literally cleaning any icky energy off of me.

  3. Meditation. A nightly meditation works best for me. I have one right here for you for to try. Simply, breathe, tap into your heart, expand that space and anything less than Love, imagine it being dissolved.

  4. Journalling/Chatting with friends. They feel like one and the same for me 😉 Okay, so this one isn’t so much about clearing the energy but clarifying my thoughts. It allows me to understand what is and isn’t mine. What’s not mine, I (lovingly) “return to sender”. The rest I can use any of the other listed ways to clear it.

  5. Working with a Practitioner. I work regularly with a practitioner to get them to assist me in moving energy. Even though I know how to do this myself (hell, I teach how to do it!), but because I already do so much by myself, it feels good to have someone else hold that space.

    PLUS we all have blindspots and die-hard habits, which takes someone else’s perspective and assistance, to be able to see clearly and move through!

I hope these are useful for your journey. Remember, these all start with INTENTION. Having a strong intention for your energy to be cleared, is the most important step. In fact, intention is the most powerful thing to create anything, whether that be clearing your energy or something else. That’s for another blog though 😉

Let me know what other practices you do to clear your energy. I’d love to hear about them! So comment below!


Nik Chung Authentic Branding & Visibility Coach

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Dear Adventurer,
Here are a few questions to deepen your understanding and exploration:

  • What is my exact intention when I do these practices? How strong is it?

  • For those energies that feel stuck or blocked – what serves me to hold on to them?

  • Do these practices bring me Joy? (Tip: Doing things you actually enjoy, makes it a hell lot easier to clear your stuff!)

  • How do I make it easy or hard for me to clear my energy?

  • How can I differentiate between what energy is mine and what is from other sources?


Did you enjoy this blog?  Do you have comments?

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