The Reasons Why You Might Be Hiding (it’s more than just showing up!)

Being visible online is more important than ever! Especially if you want to create a thriving business! If you are hiding out, playing small, how are your dream clients going to find you?

You need to be visible, you need to stand out from the crowd – and it will take more than just showing up to do so!

It’s far too easy to find excuses about why we can’t be seen: My market’s too saturated. There are SOOO many people online. People never see my posts on facebook because their algorithm keeps changing…

But it’s more than that – If you want to be invisible, you will be. How many times have you gone to a networking event, to have “missed” meeting people? Even in a room full of people, you can be overlooked.

Being visible requires the right energy and mentality to grab attention and be seen.

Who got a bit scared there?
Yup. Visibility, being seen, getting attention… they can be confronting! So let’s handle that fear and let’s dive in.


The Energetics of Being Visible Online.

Get soul aligned! From creating your content, offers, message – even your branding – start by getting aligned to your highest desires first.

Operating from a soul-aligned vibration of “Love and Above” brings you into the energy of expansiveness and possibility for your business. It get’s you out of the fear of being seen and more importantly it lets you be more authentic, more real and therefore stand out from the crowd.

The next step is vibrating at the level of DESIRE. You have to want to be seen!
When we emit this energy, we become a magnet, that draws in your dream clients to find you. Not EVERYONE to find you, but the RIGHT people to find you.

On the flip-side, if you are creating from an egoic/lower vibrational energy, then you are setting yourself up for some grief!

Why? Because firstly, remember that the Universe speaks in energy. So you are going to get more of what you put out! This means, as an ego creating, you are attracting judgement, harsh feedback and even trolls!

Secondly, the ego attaches it’s sense of self-worth based on feedback. So if you receive bad feedback (or none at all), you’re more likely to take this to heart.

From a soul-aligned vibration, you invite kinder commentary, more loving engagement and you take on feedback with more curiosity and playfulness.

So know that you understand where your energy needs to be, let’s tackle the mindset stuff!

The Mindset of Being Visible Online

Our thoughts create our reality. They are intricately tied to our emotions and our energy pulse and remember – our energy pulse tells the Universe what we want (even if we don’t want it!).

So if we think that being visible online is going to attract bad attention, then that’s we get!

This leads fear-based thinking, leads us to:

  • Show up inconsistently; and/or

  • Show up inauthentically

So what beliefs or thoughts come up for you when you think of being seen?
I invite you to look at the stories you have around what it means to be visible. ESPECIALLY, the scary stories. Write them down and really pop down all your thoughts on to a piece of paper.

Be honest with yourself – what scares the hell out of you?

Now that you’ve got it all down, ask yourself this simple question “what if none of this was true?”
What if I could be safe being visible? What if I got only loving comments back? What if I could learn from every piece of feedback?

How freeing does that feel already?

Now lastly, to totally blow this unhelpful mindset out of the water, go looking for evidence where the OPPOSITE is true. Evidence of either yourself or someone else, being able to show up and be safe and loved.

When we think something, we often only find evidence to support that thought or belief. It puts a lens over our perception of reality.

So, lets change what we are looking for! Change our thoughts and change our reality!

So in summary, if you want to be more visible online, for your business, then on a very practical level this means:

  • Getting yourself into Soul-alignment and the energy of “Love and Above” before creating and posting any online content. This will positively affect the feedback you receive and how you receive feedback

  • Challenging the stories and the thoughts and beliefs that you have, about what it means to be visible online. This will allow you create a narrative of safety and love with being seen.

  • Both of these will allow you to show up more authentically, be more consistent online and become a client-attracting brand.

So go on and get out there and start sharing, Adventurer! I can’t wait to see you shining your light


Nik Chung.


Dear Reader,
Here are a few more questions to go deeper in your exploration:

  • What stories about visibility are mine and what ones have I picked up from others?

  • What practices can I put in place that allow me to be soul-aligned when I start creating?

  • In the past, when has my ego come to play in my content online? What happened? How would I do it differently now?

  • How do I truly feel about having no comments on my content? How can I change that energy and story and take aligned action, so that I can start attracting more engagement?


Did you enjoy this blog?  Do you have comments? Please leave a message below I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share if it resonated with you or it could help someone else!