How to Shape-Shift in Your Business & Still Retain Loyalty

Are you perpetually changing your business? Do you feel like you are chameleon who changes her skin every few years?


You may have heard from MULTIPLE business coaches to decide on one thing and stick to it.


Now there is certainly wisdom in that. For one it lets you build traction fast and make income on your services. And besides that , with a bit of success under your belt, it gives you the confidence to know that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


But what if you need to change? What if you smell transformation around the corner?

What if you have a million and one ideas and at least some of them have to come into fruition NOW?

I feel you! As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I just HATE the idea of having to stick to one idea! Or having to stick to one type of branding… because I change… I grow… and so too must my bysiness!

So I want to let you know that you CAN change your offers and services and you CAN offer multiple things at once and you CAN change your branding…

But you need to do it in smart, way that doesn’t burn your bridges and keeps your audience that you have worked so hard to get, to stay on your side.


3 tips to Building a Shape-Shifting Friendly Business

  • Be YOU from the get go. As Dolly Parton said “Find out who you are and do that on purpose”. She is the poster girl of strong personal branding and success in multi-ventures. So what exactly do I mean by this?

    • Be authentic and let your individuality come to the forefront. This is an easy way to build loyalty based on YOU as the face of your business, rather than what your business offers.

    • Decide on your personal values and mission and have these at the forefront of your mind when building any of your business and subsequent offers.

    • Figure out your soul/life’s purpose and LIVE THAT through your business, NO MATTER what you do! When you change, your audience, will still be seeing that coming through your business in another shape and form. This combined with your Values and Mission are like your North Stars. They provide a reference point for you to change your business, so you’re never too far off track with what you offer.


Find out who you are and do it on purpose

-Dolly Parton


  • Find the Golden Thread that ties together all of the things that you offer in your business (and want to create in your business). This can even be your slogan! Your Golden Thread brings together everything and this, along with your North stars, creates a cohesive foundation for your personal brand. When you communicate this clearly with your audience, when you do change, they will likely stay with you as they have resonated with your philosophies from the get-go.

  • Be Honest! Communicate with your audience, before you make the change. Give them warning that you are about to shape-shift your business in a different direction and ask them to come along for the ride. They most likely will as they have built trust with your strong personal brand.


Creating change in your business, doesn’t need to mean you start from rock-bottom again. Doing these three things, will help you to transform your business without having to start from rock-bottom again and help retain that loyal audience no matter what journey you take them on!

I hope you found this useful! Let me know if you have any questions and share with any other multi-passionate entrepreneurs out there or those who are ready to make a change!






Dear Adventurer,
Here are a few more questions to deepen your exploration on creating a shape-shifting friendly business that’s ready for change:

  • Who am I (ala Dolly Parton)? What are my values, mission and soul’s purpose? How can I weave these into my business?

  • How can I be more authentic and let my individuality shine through in my business?

  • What is the Golden Thread that brings together all my personal interests and business ideas? How can I make this clear with a slogan that carries through my business even when I change?

  • What do I need to change right now to make my business more flexible for change?

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Nik Chung 
Authentic Branding & Visibility Coach