Find Your Flavour and Stand Out From the Crowd: Building a Strong Personal Brand.

I truly, 100% believe that, if we follow our own Joy, our own way, we can live a more satisfying, fulfilling life.

So in business, what that means, is you’ve got to do it your way.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information about how “to do” business?

Have you ever felt confused because there is so much conflicting information as well?


That’s because everyone has their unique formula. Your job in your entrepreneurial journey, is not to copy someone else’s method, but find the way that works for you.


I just opened a can of worms didn’t I? So let’s start here: Branding.


Whether you are aware of it or not, you have created a brand! If you are a solopreneur, you my darling, ARE the brand.

Do I sense some ikcy, uncomfortable feelings there? Good!


I see this a lot. Where solopreneurs try to separate themselves from their business. What does this do? It creates more struggle and conflict – on an energetic, mental and creative level. Because ultimately they are trying to create a business that is not in alignment to who they truly are.


End point: You need to embrace YOU!

The good, the bad, the ugly, so YOU can start showing up in YOUR business.

What’s beautiful about this process, is the more that you show up in your business as you, the more that your brand stands out from the rest.


Sorry to break it to you, but there are thousands of people who do what you do! Being YOU, is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd!

So l want to share with you a few tips on how to find your own flavour in your brand!

This is SO important, because we not only want to be heard above the noise but we also want to attract clients who are the right fit for us.

I say #nomorevanilla (unless of course you love vanilla…)


Tip number 1: Find Your Voice!

The way I encourage anyone who has a personal brand, to do this is by asking the question: “how do I talk to my best friend?”

People want real connection these days. Connection builds trust and trust means people are more likely to hand over their money and pay you for what you do!

Using your own voice makes creating content and connection so much easier. You will either be a brand that someone loves or hates. PERFECT! You have now divided your potential audience and can concentrate on the ones that are more suited for and that LOVE you.

And when you are considering your voice, think about peppering words that align with your values into your content (see below!).


Tip number 2: Establish Your Values & Mission!

What are your personal values? These MUST come to the fore of your business. Because if we are creating a business that goes against our personal values we are just careening towards burn out. Write down your top three values. Now write down your top three business values.

Now ask yourself “Do my personal and business values align?”

If not, that’s got to change. For example, I highly value Freedom of Time, so for me having the ability to be flexible with my work hours is something I have woven into my business. One of my business values is FREEDOM, so that works nicely!

Same goes with your personal/soul mission and that of your business. They MUST be in alignment with each other or something will always feel off and it will be hard-work to be in your business.

Once you are clear on your values and mission, you can now use these as a way to assess and correct, your content and offers to make sure they are “on-brand”. If they are align, you are en-pointe!


Tip Number 3: Your Brand Colours, Visuals and Feel

I like to align my values with my brand colours. What is the message that I want to convey with my brand? For me, it is to be unique, stand out and be free. Bright, bold and grounded.

Google “colour psychology design” and you will be off to a good start! But also use your own intuition here. What colours are you attracted to? What makes you feel like the best version of you?

Choosing visuals that also convey your brand values and mission is important to build a strong brand. So consider making a library of visuals to go with your content, that are “on-brand”. is a great start for beautiful stock photos and you can create collections there too, to keep all your great finds in one place!


So there you have it! Three tips to get help you find your flavour and stand out from the crowd. AKA: build a strong personal brand!


Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Nik Chung Authentic Branding & Visibility Coach

Ps. this is the FIRST STEP to creating a really strong personal brand. If you want to know more click here to download your free soul-aligned branding workbook or book in a free discovery call with me here to get your brand working for you, as the magical, magnetic client-attracting asset that it can be!

Dear Adventurer,

Here are a few questions to help deepen your exploration on building a strong personal brand:

  • What is my natural personality? Does this align with my current brand image? How can I leverage this, in my copy and content to create a strong brand persona?

  • What would stop me from “being myself” in my business? What tools can I use that would help me overcome this?

  • What scares me about bringing more of myself into my business? What tools can I use to help me overcome this?

  • What do my friends think of me? What words do they associate with me? (If you’re feeling bold, ask them to give you feedback!). How can these qualities be more in my brand?

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