The 5 steps to creating an authentic, soul-aligned brand

Creating a Soul-Aligned, Authentic Brand is one of the crucial steps to standing out online and to be seen as an expert in your field.

Here is a handy little check list of the 5 things you need to do in order to build a stand-out brand that attracts your ideal clients and builds your authority in the online space!


  • Get Clear on Your Values and Mission:

Make sure you get clear on what your values are and what your mission is. Bring these to the forefront of your business – either covertly or overtly talk about them. I think this is so important right now, as the buying market has become more conscious. We want to know that our money is going to businesses and brands that align with our own values. Not only that, but this provides just ONE way that you are different to others who do what you do.


  • Decide on your voice aka personality aka identity of your business

Be yourself yes, but do this PURPOSEFULLY! Be clear on which version of you, you want to represent your business (I wrote about choosing the right identity in this blog here)! Make sure she can show up consistently, authentically and is fun and easy for you!


  • Choose Visuals and colours that represent your business accurately.

A picture tells a thousand words… it does. It gives your buyers a snapshot of what it would feel like to work with you and what your business is about. It’s your “vibe” said without words! So make sure your visuals and colours tell an accurate story about your business and that they are congruent with your values, mission and voice.


  • Get Your Energy and Mindset Sorted!

I cannot stress this enough! You can have all the practicals in the bag, but if you have a belief or thought that is AGAINST your efforts to be seen, to be visible online then you will remain invisible. So ask yourself “what do I really think about being visible? How do I feel about being seen? Being attractive online?” If there are any incongruent thoughts or feelings, there is some work to do!


  • Lastly, personalise, be authentic and LIVE your values through your business.

Okay so this one isn’t totally key to creating a soul-aligned brand. But it IS in creating authenticity in your biz. Be the woman who actually practices what she preaches. By getting clear on your BRAND, you can now LIVE IT. Make sure that you do business in a way that aligns with your energy, your strengths, your WAY and allows you to be in your JOY! This is imperative to creating longevity, sustainability, FUN and ease in your biz so that you can thrive (and we all want that don’t we?).


So there you have it, 5 steps to building a soul-aligned and authentic brand!
Which of these do you think, you need the most work on?

These are the foundational step to creating more congruency through out your business. To really make your brand work for you it is essential that you live, breathe and embody your brand in your business practices, methodologies, marketing and in YOU! If you are ready to do this book in a free clarity call here or  click here to download your free soul-aligned branding workbook.


Dear Adventurer,
Please find some questions below to ponder or to journal, to further your exploration of this topic: 

  • Do my values and mission come to the forefront of my biz? If not, how can I do so more?

  • Do my visuals and colours accurately represent what I do and how I want people to feel when working with me?

  • How can I bring out more of my voice/personality in my business? Who would I have to be?

  • What are my thoughts on visibility? What are my beliefs about being seen online?


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