A few questions to help you find your path

For a long time, the question of “what am I doing with my life?” kept popping up. My life has taken many turns in its short existence of 30 something years.  But with every turn there has been a learning. As I’ve stepped into new beginnings, every ounce of me feels like it is getting closer and closer to being on the “right path” for me. 

Indecision, starting, stopping, re-starting and re-inventing…it’s tiring! Finally, my life is grounded by relative stability, flexible definition and purpose. I took it into my own hands to really sit with and contemplate what it is that I was meant to do here.  

A few questions to help you find your path

  • “What do I care about and want others to care about?”
  • “What excites me and inspires?”
  • “What motivates me and empowers me to keep moving towards my dreams?”
  • “What am I attracted to doing and why?”
  • “What legacy would I like to leave?”
  • “Who is the person I wish to become?”
  • “Is what I do, beneficial to myself and to others?”
  • “If I were to die tomorrow, what would I wish that I had done differently?”

Sometimes the words change, sometimes the motivation wanes (and that’s when you go back to your “why”), but I now have it solidly in my heart what it is that I am here to do. I am excited with the challenges that it brings and I am open to my dreams being redefined as I grow. It’s a fun place to be.



Maybe you want to try these questions out for size?  Maybe you have been contemplating shaking things up a bit in your life?  Answer the questions above and see if they give you more clarity on where your unique path leads and let me know by commenting below.

Are there any other questions that you would add to guide you to your own path? Comment below! I’d love to see what answers I come up with.

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