The driving force to help you achieve your goals

How many times have you set a goal, only to give up on it a few weeks, a few months, a few years later?  I am definitely one of the guilty!  Perhaps it was because it wasn’t what you really wanted or perhaps it’s because you didn’t have a strong enough reason why you were doing it! Your reason, your why… this is the force that drives you forward to go for your dreams.

But sometimes I feel overwhelmed…

Despite having found my life’s purpose and my big goal in life, i sometimes I feel unmotivated to go ahead and do the things I need to do, to reach my goals.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I want to just “work a normal job”. Sometimes, I really feel at the effects of others not believing in me, sometimes, it really feels like I CANNOT POSSIBLY DO IT!

And that’s when you need your WHY!

What ever your goal may be, you need to ask yourself why. Why should I bother getting out of bed each morning to exercise? Why should I commit more time to work than play?  Why should I invest my time in learning new skills and growing? Why should I continue to challenge myself and take risks? Why have I dreamed this dream and why do I want to get it?

When you know your why, you have solid ground by which to power up and go forward. When you know your why, you are less likely to become complacent, less likely to give up. And with this as your armour against the naysayers, your jet pack to propel you into motion, it would be totally inexcusable to give up now! 

So, if you have a goal, do something about it. Write it up AND write up your why.  Display it nice and big, so you can look at it every day. Read it five times over, on the days you feel down, feel weak or just want to bow out!  I guarantee it will bring you closer to your goals.

Now go forth and conquer!


Nikky x

What is the reason(s) why YOU do what you do? Comment below and let me know!

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