All Roads Lead to You!

The more I play with this concept the more I understand it and the more I come to believe it.

We truly are the centre of our universe.  

We have control over most things that occur in our lives (bar natural disasters “maybe”?). I wrote a blog a few years back about something similar to this.  It was to do with relationship (don’t worry we wont go there in detail!).  But the basic tenet was this:

If you keep having broken relationships, relationships that aren’t ideal, relationships that are full of negativity, it can’t always be the other person.  There is one common denominator in all that drama. YOU!

Sorry to be so blunt but…

Whatever the circumstances, be it in relationships, your finances, the life you live, the way you think about yourself, your health, you are the one causing or attracting this existence, over and over again.

It’s easy to say “yeah I’m the creator of all the awesome stuff that happens to me” but harder to accept that “yes, I’m also the creator of all the shit that happens to me”. It’s a hard truth to swallow for some – it sucks being told that I am the cause of the unpleasantries in my life.

But here is the silver lining…

If we truly believe that we are the centre of our universe, that everything that happens to us can be controlled, in some way, by us, then we have the power to actually change it.  How empowering is that?  

If we accept this as the way it is, we do ourselves and others a huge favour.  No longer do we blame others and sit in (often idle) victimhood.  We start working on ourselves so that we can create better circumstances in our lives.  We start taking action, because we can!  I can’t change you, but I can change me.

You are amazing creators of your being and I believe we each have awesomeness to share, so please… a request from me – stop being the victim and start living in your more honest, authentic and powerful YOU! You can make it happen, because you are.

Now go forth and conquer!



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