Why it’s important to be authentic

I am going to be unapologetically me.  Now if you hadn’t found out already, I “do” dance.  I love music and movement and the two melding together is an art that when I am totally immersed, transports me to somewhere else.  The power of making art with your body, completely in the moment – without pre-conceived ideas of where it will go, but just going… beautiful.

Now I often get asked to run random dance events.  Of recent was a “Dance Like No One’s Watching” – a charity dance event for a local community group. Of course I said yes (I love to support community initiatives that resonate with me).  But when I came to choosing music I realised “this is not really me”.  It was fun dance-able music – think wedding songs to get everyone moving – everyone will enjoy it. And they did! So many great comments like “we should have this every month!”, “I loved dancing with everyone – it was so fun!”

I did think that it was a success – we met our objective of bringing together a community of people through dance and raised a good amount of money too.  And it would be easy to go along with that and make this fun, light-hearted dance event a staple in my business, especially since it appeals to so many and draws the crowds in.  But it’s not me.

I know my strength and skills and I know where it is that I want to take people.  I am on a mission to share the joy with people… but most of all it is to guide people to uncover the joy within.  And that means that things can’t be all pretty packages wrapped in ribbon. To present anything else would be to dishonor the uniqueness that is me and give people a watered down version of the real thing!

So here’s the UNapology:

Sorry. I’m not going to change the way I do things. I’m not going to put my name to something that just scratches the surface, that has no depth and that leaves people being fully comfortable and on a “high” for a night.  I want to work with them to change the way they live their lives. 

I want more than anything else to guide people to be a better version of themselves.  To tap into their own awesome power, their limitlessness and their own authenticity. And, we don’t get that from staying in our comfort zone.  There is comfort and there is stagnation.  And too often I see people hanging out and rotting. 

I will be a tough, straight shooter and I will say it how I see it.  I don’t expect people to like me.  I will continue to invite people to go deeper, to push their limits and to really reach within and explore their dark side and shine a light on that which they discover. 

That is my truth.  I will not change the way I do things.  This is my being authentic.  I’m less of the fairy sprinkling “joy” (though I totally like those who are and yes sometimes I do indulge in playing in this too!), I’m more of the “she’s a bit intense”-type.  Good. I’m cool with that. 

So, here’s a few questions to ponder:  Do you find yourself doing things that pleases the masses but doesn’t feel quite right to you?  Do you find yourself sometimes “acting a part” because it is more socially acceptable? Do you find yourself adjusting your practices/way of doing things, so that other people will find it more comfortable? What would it take for you to be authentic in your every day life? And how would that feel? 

Remember that we aren’t made the same, so we shouldn’t do the same.


Nik x

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