Are you a Self-Growth Addict?

I’ve got a confession to make.  And I blame it all on this journey of self-discovery.  I’ve become an addict. A self-growth, mind exploring, addict who searches relentlessly for the deeper meaning of things.

I’ve found myself obsessed with the breakthroughs, the ‘ah-ha’ moments and the freedom and expansion that comes with all that.

Everything that happens, thoughts I have, people I encounter, where I’m going, where I end up. I see signs in everything, I see hidden meanings in events, I see serendipitous moments all the time, I see messages in tea cups (well, maybe not that far, but if I don’t reign myself in it might get there soon!).

So how did this obsession happen? In every spiritual path, self-enquiry is an important part of your journey.  And don’t get me wrong I absolutely believe it is. 

But when this becomes a true habit, a thirsty need, it can become more hindrance than a help.

My last blog was about distraction and I only have realised that this could be one more thing to add to the list. In my defence, this one was so cleverly disguised as useful that I hadn’t noticed it creep in and remove me from my present moment.

So what am I to do? A good friend said, “Life is not a puzzle to be solved”. And I think he is absolutely right. You don’t have to solve anything.  The mystery is solved by being present, being here, in this moment.  When you are here, now, there is no solution to be found, because there is nothing in the now that is not real.

Only when you start looking forward or backwards in time, when your attention is pulled from this very moment, does your mind have the capacity to form a puzzle.

I do believe self-enquiry is important.  It can help us undo old patterns, it can reveal deep buried self-limiting beliefs, it can show us where we really are in our life.  But sometimes it’s all good to just chill the fuck out and enjoy life as it is.

So just remember, there’s a fine line between healthy habit and obsession. Maintaining a balance is key!

So what’s your little obsession? What things do you find yourself needing to do, or doing without thinking?  What do you habitually do that tears you away from being present?

Please comment below! I’d love to hear your view!


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