How to add potency to your Affirmations & Visualisations. Part 1: Defining Energy

Part 1: Defining Energy

Affirmations and visualisation are so common-place now that it seems everyone is on the buzz!  But do your affirmations or visualisations really create what you want them to create? 

For some affirmations and visualisations are frustrating ventures that are not 100% effective. It either shows up but not as you imagined, takes too long or manifests but perhaps not with the grandeur you had thought of. We know about making positive affirmations, repeating them daily, saying them in the present tense and so on.  So what are we missing to make them really powerful

Well, it’s all about energy (duh!). Okay, so I know you know this! But have you ever asked yourself, what energy? Well, quickly an answer came to me – positive energy of course! But what does that really mean?  What the hell is “positive energy”?

I tried describing it and it went something like this “positive energy is good vibes, Joy, Love, it’s when you feel happiness…”

Now go back and read that definition again.  Did that help clarify your understanding of what positive energy is? If you answered “no”, you’re exactly where I have found myself. Just as confused as before. 


To describe energy with more words, simply added to my vocabulary to SPEAK about it in a round-a-bout way but gave me no more clarity.


So how can we understand energy?  Well, it’s a feeling! And I know, I know. You’re saying to me – I already know this. This is nothing new.  But can you describe that feeling? Really? Go ahead, take a moment and give it a try. Now, did you go ahead and use more words again? Did that aid your understanding?


Again, to try and understand energy with words is a head fu*k!  It doesn’t work.  It lets you sit more and more in your mind and less in what it actually is. 


So we’re back to square one.  What is positive energy? Well, the answer lies with you, right now. It is in your body.  Think about it or rather, feel it! What is the feeling you get in your body that lets you know you are being positive? What sensations can you sense, that happen when you are in a happy, joyful state?  Relaxed? Open? Expansive? Light? Floating? And where do you feel these sensations in your body? In your chest? In your heart space? In your hands?


The body is a physical reference point for these mind concepts like positive energy. We can use the body to really sense and understand what it means to be in a positive energetic state.


So to answer our original question:

What energy can help us affirm and visualise with more potency?  The positive energy that is understood and sensed by our body.



Was this blog helpful?  How do you sense positive energy in your body? What does it feel like to you? And where does it exist? I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave your comments below!


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