What if everything you desired was just around the corner?

***What if everything you ever want in life, everything you desire, everything you have been working your butt off for, is just around the corner?***

I love walking in the bush. And I’m reminded of these words, every time that I go on a path that I haven’t taken before. The route is unknown, I don’t know the bends in the path, what obstacles lie ahead, or how hard the climb will be.

Everything seems to move at slower pace and I lose the sense of how many kilometres I’ve walked. Sometimes it seems like it has taken FOREVER and I’m like “SURELY I should have got there by now!” and I keep reminding myself just keep going.

And when I say “one more corner” or “one more hill” usually POOF! The destination appears! I made it!

So keep going. Keep climbing. Focus on the goal, the dream. Draw on that inner strength. Remember your Intention. Remember the legacy you’d like to leave.  Don’t give up, because it might be “just around the corner”.


Nik x

Did this message resonate with you? What strategies do you use to keep yourself going?

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