Tuning into your Intuition… a priceless practice.

How do you connect to that inner voice? Your Intuition? The voice of the divine?

I am often found sorting through my head, with thoughts of should do, want to do, what to do, where to do… so much “do”ing.

The trick is how to stop doing, by not doing (is that un-doing? No… more like non-doing! :)) For me the way to do this is to step into nature and breathe. And depending on what kind of day I am having, sometimes this doesn’t come easy.  The thoughts are still running through my head, the worries, the anxiety, the restless mind is jumping from one subject to the next.

But eventually, if I just pause, if I focus all my attention on climbing the hill (literally – I love hills!) and I focus on breathing and taking in the beauty of the natural surroundings I find

the DO-ing stops and the BE-ing remains.


It is in these moments of BE-ing, that I find myself allowing and letting life come to me. The push, the pull, the struggle, that all stops and I can tune into that voice that gently directs me towards my highest good. Towards the fullest and most authentic expression of myself.

Even when this happens though, I often find my my mind is unsatisfied. I don’t know how I’m going to do THAT! I don’t know how it’s going to work! I don’t know how that is possible! I want to know the details! 

But what I have learnt is that, when I trust that voice, that inner tug towards (or away) from something, beautiful things happen. I go on adventures that I would never have dreamed off.

Things occur that are so OUT of my imagination, that I often have to sit back in AWE of what has unfolded in front of me!

I am led to meet people that have influenced and shaped my life so drastically, that causes me to think – how could I have ever imagined life without them?


So, the question for you dear reader, is – would you like to hear that voice? Or, if that voice is talking to you already… wouldn’t you like to follow it?

Each person has a unique way that let’s them tune in to that inner knowing. Perhaps your way is meditation, perhaps yoga, dance, perhaps it is in nature or in your art, or in music. And just like anything, the more you do it, the better you become. It is called a “practice” after all 🙂

When we step into the unknown, COURAGE is needed to go forward. So I wish you all the COURAGE in the world to step into your next beautiful phase. Trust and follow that intuition. You never know, it might just lead you somewhere MAGICAL!


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Dear Reader,

Here are some questions for you, to further explore this topic on your own:

  • How do you tune into your intuition?
  • What let’s you know when you are tapping into your inner knowing? 
  • What hurdles do you face when you are trying to access your intuition?
  • Do you have any other questions or comments? Let me know by commenting below!

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