Letting go to be free!

How would it feel to step into this new year with ALL of YOU, present, here, in this moment? 

How would that change your reality?

How would that change your sense of happiness and freedom?


With this new year well upon us, I thought I would write a little about starting afresh in 2018!  I wrote a FB post last year about freeing myself of attachments:

Attachments…who’s got them? Raise your hand! ?‍♀️?‍♂️How do attachments happen? I find that I get attached to anything that I have infused with my energy and decided that it was MINE. Nothing is really yours… nothing.

When we realise this, any sense of loss disappears. We can replace it with being grateful that that item, that relationship, that situation, that place graced your presence for a short while.


When we can give ourselves that relief, we can go forward into the future with ALL of our spirit in hand. None of your energy is left in a memory or a moment from the past. Every single cell of you, every single vibration that is you, can come with you to be here now.”

It’s all well and good to tell yourself to let it go.  But who else finds it hard to just do it? 

At times, I have found it easy to untangle myself from my attachments to my stories, my thoughts, beliefs, relationships etc… and other times I find the thing I’ve been trying to leave behind comes back, reminding me that I haven’t done a very good job of letting go.

Woopsie! The solution to how to really let go, comes from what happens when you don’t. 



If something triggers anything other than a sense of peace and space, then that’s proof that you haven’t 100% let go of what you wanted to. But as I said, this is the solution too! Emotions are the KEY to well and truly letting go.

(By the way – isn’t it awesome how the universe gives us answers, so easily?)

I’ve found this in my latest move over to Australia. I left New Zealand, consciously saying goodbye and doing what I thought was a good job of letting go of my attachments to possessions, people and the land.  As well as leaving behind outdated beliefs and paradigms. 

The resettling here in Oz has definitely challenged me to continue to trust and let things flow.  Especially since some things have come back to haunt me. Yup – those things that I didn’t even realise that I hadn’t let go of. I knew that something wasn’t quite right as my shiny, bright self was feeling more like a costume I put on, rather than a natural way of being. 

I noticed in my day-to-day life that there wasn’t the usual sense of connection to my freedom and happiness that I felt so deeply in New Zealand. Something was awry. 

It’s so easy to get lost in the excitement of the shiny and new, or to cover up those feelings with constantly doing instead of just being.


Finally, today, having stopped after the constant meeting of new people and catching up with old friends, I was strongly reminded about the attachments I still have to my life in NZ.  My heart was still grieving over what I had left behind.  

Logically, I know that those relationships, those places, are never gone. They’re there waiting for me to return to. But despite logic, my heart still hurt a little. 

As I sat there with being with those emotions – of grief, of loss, of sadness – I felt a sense of peace. FINALLY, I was allowing all that was stuck to move. All that was holding me back, to release. All that was attached, to let go and flow.  

It feels good.

When we let ourselves BE, with all that is, we let ourselves recollect our entire being. None of our spirit is left behind in a memory. None of our energy is leaking out from an energetic tie, attached to the past. All of our self is able to be here now.

This is freedom.


So dear reader – what would you like to let go of?  What thing, still has a hold on a part of your spirit? Can you imagine what it would feel like to have ALL of who you are, with you at this moment?  

For more on this topic, check out my quick tips on letting go

For now, blessings, courage and strength.


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Photo credit to Daniel Curran on Unsplash

Dear Reader,

Here are some questions for you, to further explore this topic on your own:

  • How do you sense that you are attached to something? What shows up?
  • How do you sense that you have truly let go of something?
  • How do you let go? What are your strategies for letting emotions move through?
  • Do you have any other questions or comments? Let me know by commenting below!