Quick Tips to Letting Go

How do I let go effectively? What does it even mean?

Letting go, is about cutting those energetic ties or attachments to memories in the past, places, situations or even old stories and paradigms and beliefs that no longer serve you.

But how do you do it?

For me, the best way is to feel the emotions that these attachments bring up, fully. This doesn’t have to be scary at all, but it does have to be done. 

Emotions are meant to move. Energy in motion.  When they get stuck, we can find them reoccurring and becoming chronic (eg. depression) and often we will also find them manifesting as an ailment of the physical body (eg. chronic back pain).

For me the most caring and compassionate way for me to move an emotion – to let go – is to redirect that energy into a creative pursuit.  

Top thing to do for me is to dance.  Dancing allows me to express myself fully, to physically move the energy out of my body and to create something that is unique and beautiful. 

Other ways that this can be done are:

  • Any form of physical activity – as long as you are mindfully moving your body and consciously using it as a tool to move your emotion out.  Not numb it with endorphins.
  • Writing or journalling.  With this tool, don’t hold back. Really say what you feel until the energy of the emotion naturally dissipate.
  • Singing, artwork, playing music.  I find that these work too, singing, engages your whole body and emotions too. Art allows you to express yourself as does music.  

The key to any of these things working is to let the emotion move through you.  Don’t get stuck in it. Don’t overindulge in it.  Use them, to let go.  The other thing, is to not use these as ways to cover up an emotion.  There are plenty of ways to band-aid over a problem, so don’t fall into that trap!

The bottom line is, that in order to let go effectively, you have to be prepared to feel all that comes with that.  It may not be comfortable, but believe me, it is worth it! Letting go, allows you to move forward into your life, with all your energy, all your spirit and with more clarity and purpose. 

So dear reader – what are you waiting for? It’s time to let go and flow!



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Photo credit: Juja Han on Unsplash

Dear Reader,

Here are some questions for you, to further explore this topic on your own:

  • What does letting go mean to you?
  • How could letting go help you move forward with more freedom and happiness in your life?
  • What do you think you could let go of to have more freedom and happiness in your life?
  • How do you let go? What are your strategies for letting emotions move through?
  • Do you have any other questions or comments? Let me know by commenting below!