Leaders: You are an imposter. But not in the way you might think…

Who’s heard of imposter syndrome?  Imposter syndrome was coined in the late 1970s by clinical psychologists and is that feeling of being a fraud. You know what I mean don’t you?  When you feel like you are underqualified to be doing what you are doing.  Or that you got where you are with a lot of luck and not enough credentials. It’s that feeling when you start thinking, they’re going to find out that I’m a fake!

For people who work with others (yes I’m talking to you teachers, guides, coaches, mentors), these moments can feel like you’ve completely dropped the ball or you’ve let down your people. To ease your mind a bit, apparently up to 70 percent of women and men, will experience this sometime in their life. So turns out it’s normal. But that doesn’t stop that feeling of unease, does it?

So how do you stop feeling like an imposter? Well, you don’t have to stop, because you really are! Yes you are an imposter! 

Say it with me I AM AN IMPOSTER! I AM AN IMPOSTER! I AM AN IMPOSTER! Okay, okay, if that made you feel bad, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick.  Maybe I should put this in some context?

What I am trying to say is that

you are trying to fit yourself into a framework of humanness when you are much much more than that. In truth you are an infinite being

who is having an experience as a human. So if you’ve been feeling like an imposter.  CONGRATULATIONS! You just became aware that you are more!

Okay, now that you know why you ARE in fact an imposter, let’s take a moment to be a bit more down to earth. Yes there are moments in our lives when we feel uninspired.  Yes there are moments when nothing seems to ignite us. When nothing is interesting. When it’s all a bit ho-hum. We start to feel down, dreary, low energy… shit’s hard.  You know what? It fucking sucks!

But it really is all good! As beings who are re-navigating our humanness, each of us is at a different stage on our path.   We are rediscovering that we are more than we think we are.

Your ability to feel and rise above your human experience – to “walk through the fire” – is a source of inspiration to others and is necessary for you to relate to this world and to experience the power of going beyond your current reality. 

Most of us have forgotten our divinity, but we regain that sense when we get through tough times.  Let this be your superpower!

Whatever you have been through, is your evidence and shows the possibility in everyone, to create a better, more loving and more awesome life.   

This is why you have been called to lead others. Because there is some part of you that knows that you have something of value to share. Even if you don’t call it “supernatural, super-powered offerings”, you have knowledge. You have experience. You are one step in front of someone else, to reclaiming that god/goddess likeness in you. You are literally paving the way.

But paving the way, is not easy.  It requires work! Your yummy fraudster feelings are a reminder about what it is that you need to address in yourself, so you can become more of the leader you wish to be.  

That inspiring figure, who reminds others of their god-like being.  That person who reminds others, they are not what they think they are.  That leader, who inspires people to unlock more of who they already are – a being of limitless potential. What we learn is valuable. We must share so we can accelerate the growth of all of us!  

So if I was to give you some practical advice, it would be this:

To overcome your feelings of being a fraud: 

  • 1 – Stop taking it so personally! This Imposter Feeling is a gift – say thanks to the universe for showing you your stuff (“You are welcome!”).
  • 2- Now deal with it! Don’t stuff it down, do the work.  Become the leader you wish to be. There is no one else who can do it for you. Decide, Deal, Done!
  • 3- Strongly re-claim your title of QUEEN (or KING) Faker! What you really are is divinity embodied.

Now all together –


did that feel better than the first time?

Blessings, courage and strength.


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Dear Reader,

Here are some questions for you, to further explore this topic on your own:

  • When or in what situations do you get this feeling of being an imposter?
  • What thoughts, beliefs, senses come up?
  • What let’s you know that you are a bigger than who you are being? What sense do you have or evidence do you have of this? If you can’t find any, can you imagine it?
  • Do you have any other questions or comments? Let me know by commenting below!

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Photo credit: Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

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