The Most Important Ingredient to Manifesting Your Dreams

Why can’t I get what I want?  Why do I still struggle with my business, my relationships, my finances, my weight? Why is it that no matter how hard I try I keep falling down?

Because the Love’s gone. Sorry to be blunt! But it’s true. When we think about all our problems  and the reason we have them, it’s because we lack or we have misdirected, Love.

Love is the strongest currency in the universe.  When we Love anything, we get it back more than we can imagine. 

But we don’t find it easy to Love do we? Perhaps because we have been burnt before – this goes for relationships, business deals etc… Perhaps because we have a judgement on the very thing we want but can’t seem to get  – money is bad, relationships are too time-consuming. Or maybe we don’t think we are deserving of love and so we find it hard to receive and therefore to give love (you gotta be able to receive to truly give). Or perhaps we have learnt to Love something that is no longer helping us. 

Just take that in for a minute.  What do you love that is in fact hindering you?  Perhaps it’s a love of being angry – “it makes me feel powerful”. Maybe it’s a love of being poor – “rich people are bad”.  Or a love of being single – “I love my independence and I don’t want to change for anyone”.

We need to get the hell over ourselves, because these misdirected and non-Loving states, are the very reason we cannot create the life we so desire!

So why do we find it so hard to just Love? Well, because Love, in it’s purest form, is vulnerable. I’m not talking about love that we commonly know it as, but Love (with a capital L) that doesn’t accept fake. The Love that doesn’t accept rules.  The Love that doesn’t accept boundaries, walls or closed hearts.  This is unconditional Love.

Love calls us to be the most powerful being that we can be and this means exposing ourselves in all our raw self. 

All the good stuff and all the bad stuff.  There is no hiding!  To step into this realm of Love, we can’t ignore our sh!t any longer.  If we wish to stay in this vibration of Love, we cannot hide away from that which we need to look at.  We need to handle our junk, step up to the plate and become the best being we can be.

When we Love truly, there is nothing to be afraid of. Love always finds a solution.  Love always draws more of the good stuff towards you. The saying “energy flows where attention goes” is the same here.  Love something enough and it will manifest for you:

  • Love money – create more money flow with ease and lightness.
  • Love others – stronger more fulfilling relationships, compassion, forgiveness, helping others.
  • Love our planet – sustainable practices, conscious consumerism

The most powerful Love though is the Love of yourself.  When we invite Love into us, we align ourselves with the currency of the universe and we can make choices that are truly Loving to us.  Our own self-worth improves. We accept our flaws.  We stand up for ourselves. We do something that is fulfilling on all levels of our being.  We go for our dreams. We believe in our limitlessness. 

Our self-Love is the starting point for manifesting everything we desire.

By Loving ourselves like this, we open the doors for us to Love others just as much. We accept their flaws. We accept their way of life. We accept them for the infinite beings that they are.  Nothing begins from outside of you.  Everything starts with you!

We Love ourselves, we Love others because we can’t ignore their divinity. We Love others, we Love the planet because we want to see future generations flourish. We Love the Planet…maybe you can tell me where it goes from there!

Love is the strongest currency in the Universe.  Love lets things come to you easily and organically.  Direct your Love to what you want and let go of control.  Here lies, no stress.  Here’s lies, fluid flow. This is Love.

So  what could you do to Love more?

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Dear Reader,

Here are some questions for you, to further explore this topic on your own:

  • What boundaries do you set between you and Love?
  • What conditions do you put on Love?
  • What do you love, that no longer serves you?
  • What would you have to give up for you to be in unconditional Love?
  • What actions do you take that are unaligned for the Love that you want to receive?
  • Do you have any other questions or comments? Let me know by commenting below!

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