How to Know If You Are a Dark Worker

There are two ways to work with energy – the Light Way and the Dark Way.  Neither are bad, unless you label them as such. The Light Way is what most of us have been taught with Christianity and “new age” spirituality: love and light, light workers, positivity, affirmation work etc.


The Dark Way/Dark Worker, is another option.  Although this way is starting to get some noise, for example through things like ‘accepting anger’, looking at unaligned beliefs etc. it is still seen by many as a means to the “light” end. 


That is transform your Darkness into Light – subtext: because Light is good and Darkness is bad (I’ll talk about this more later).

So in most respects, Darkness or being a Dark Worker is still viewed as “bad”.  


Is Your Way the Dark Way?

You might be like me, where the way of the Light has been a hard pill to swallow. It’s felt like a step away from my true nature – that is dark, heavy and willing to go to such depths of my psyche, that most people wouldn’t dare to explore.  Because it scares the shit out of them.  Because they don’t know how to navigate the Dark. Because they aren’t a Dark Worker.

This is why we have been taught that it’s ‘bad’.  Because our well intentioned Light teachers have not known how to move and create in the inky darkness.  It brings up their monsters in the dark.  It causes them to sit with themselves… uncomfortably so.  


And most of all they don’t know how to or do not trust their ability to die and renew again.


This is stunting growth and creativity.  It is stunting true genius to emerge… urging to live and never die, is to keep creating and plastering over and over the now well worn, overdone and old foundations of you.  You change.  You must accept that.  You must be prepared to live.. and then die… to grow. (I talk about this more in this blog here). 

Darkness is the most powerful creation point

I know the Dark well, and it’s comforting in a very “un-Light” way. I’ve made my unique ability to hang out in the Dark to mean that I will never be a successful manifestor (because, you know all the “positive alignment” stuff – which I have touted too in my ignorance, is bloody hard for me to keep up). I will never be a “good” person. I will never be able to have a truly satisfying life. That I’m a defect.


This could not be more false. Darkness is where it all starts from. It’s space. It’s the creation point. Light is not. From Darkness comes Light.


Darkness, has helped me many times.  In a blog I wrote almost 4 years ago (How My Darkness Gave Me Purpose), I wrote about it’s role in showing me the way for my life.  And it continues to do so. 


As I step into my full DISsatisfaction with my life, the planet, my relationships, for example, I can see where I can be an instrument of change.  For MY liking first.  Not anyone else’s. Not for some noble cause.  But for a cause that is FIRST ignited in me.  From my darkness.

That is the first spark of Light.  And in complete Darkness, it is brighter and almost blinding to the eye. 

This is where true magic lies, in the blinding Light that comes forth from the Dark. Not from Light coming from light.  In this case, the power from light, is drowned out by every other light out there. Light pollution – you see it in the cities all the time. Where the brightness of the stars are dimmed because of the street lights and house lights.


The most powerful light, the most brightest light, can only ever come from the darkest of places. If you are willing to go there.  Which most people aren’t.  They’d rather stay comfortable in the light – which makes sense, because of the ideas we have been fed from eons of society about horrible things in the dark….

the misconstrued myth of darkness

Darkness has a bad wrap.  It’s been mixed in myth that is meant to show us how to use the dark to create magic, but instead has been misconstrued as a place to be scared by, a place where evil things lurk and therefore a place we must eliminate at all costs.  We have been obsessed with getting the hell out of darkness!


And so, another  mistake we make, clouded by our idea that Dark is “bad” is to only go into the Dark to TRANSFORM it into Light.  This again, negates the inherent value of Darkness.  It makes it bad, unappealing, distasteful, when in fact it’s none of that.  The energy from this place is neither good nor bad.  Humans make it so.  With how we use that power and action it.  It’s always been this way, it’s how we get religious wars, both sides citing their gods as excuses for doing unconscionable things to each other. 


It’s not from WHERE they are getting their energy ie. the light OR the dark.  It is how they have INTERPRETED it and how they are ACTIONING it in the world.

the truth is you are a dark worker

So, if you’re one of the people who find the Light-way, uncomfortable – like you are struggling to stay there… Like you are being inauthentic to your essence… Like you are faking it so fucking hard, it hurts you and others… It’s because you’re not meant to dwell there.  You are meant to dwell in the Dark.  And create the powerful sparks in the DARK – brighter than any other light could make in light.


You are not a bad person. You are not disempowered by being in the Dark.  The truth is –  you are the opposite of light.  You are the balancing energy.  Your place is equally as important and arguably at this time – with light saturation – more powerful and potent than the Light. This is your gift. Don’t be ashamed. Stop hiding. You are a Dark Worker.  Embrace that which comes naturally.  See what you create from that space. Dive in.



Nik Chung Authentic Branding & Visibility Coach

Aloha Adventurer,

Here are a few more questions to guide your exploration.  I would highly recommend you journal over these questions:

  • Do you find it easy to stay in “high vibrations” or do you feel like you are faking it?  Why? Why not?
  • What scares you about the Dark/Your darkness?  
  • What would stop you from exploring your darkness?  
  • What ideas do you have about the “goodness” or “badness” of your darkness?
  • What gifts do you think are present in your darkness?

Did you like the exploration? Did you resonate with the blog?  Have questions?
I would love to hear from you, so comment below!