To Be Powerfully In Service, You Need to Do This First!

Being in service requires us to energetically hold space for our clients to feel supported and empowered.

What do I mean by holding space? On a very basic level, to hold space, we are giving our full attention to our clients. To be super clear – that’s 100% attention on them.

Note, that I said “to be POWERFULLY in service”. Not just, “to be in service”.

There is a difference!

We can all be in service even if we feel like shit, physically, emotionally, energetically…

But I know from personal experience, that usually I end up wayyyyy drained and unconsciously use my own personal energy to pull both myself and my client, through the session. Ie. Self-sacrifice!

When we are feeling bloody awesome, we have way more powerful and connected sessions that top us up and our clients!

Do you agree?

So to be powerfully in service, you need to be managing your energy and expressing your emotions!

What do I mean by that?

Let’s start with managing your energy.

To do this well, you need to be checking in and clearing any energy that feels heavy, stuck, dense or anything other than lightness and expansiveness (Tip: check in on a physical level to feel this as sensations).

How you do that, is up to you. Find a practice that you vibe with and is fun! I love to dance for both managing my energy AND my emotions.

So… moving on to emotions, we need to do the same thing. Go inside. Look what’s going on in our emotional landscape. Decide if we want to remain in anything less than Love. And if not, let it be acknowledged, and moved on.

So, if you are feeling rubbish, really take the time to acknowledge how it is that you feel. Allow yourself to feel anger, frustration, envy – BUT with the caveat of doing so, IN ORDER to let go. Remember that. Because you don’t want to end up wallowing in it!

Allow your acknowledged emotions that are less than Love, to move through you. Scream. Cry. Dance!

Expressing our emotions to move them on and allowing our energy to come to a more lighter, expansive space, is how to return to a more grounded, stable and clear state – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

No more hard-work holding space, no more sacrificing your own energy to give others what they need. Manage your own emotions and energy and everything becomes easier!

So that, folks, is what you need to be POWERFULLY in service.

Let me know what you are doing to manage your energy and express your emotions, by commenting below. I’ll send you a virtual wave of energetic support your way!!

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Dear Reader,

Here are a few questions to explore a bit deeper:

  • What am I feeling today? Where do I feel it physically?

  • How is my energy today? Do I feel heavy or light? How can I let it go?

  • What practices do I need to have in place to ensure I manage my emotions and energy every day?

  • What would stop me from doing my practices and how would I overcome my barriers?

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