“I have so much more capability…

She’s 100% invested in your growth & she will support you with so much heart and soul but she will also tell you what you need to hear to support you through the growing process…


I would recommend Nik a million times! I can’t ever thank her enough for what she’s done for me, so I know the only way I can thank her is by living and embodying everything that she has taught me and really putting my power and my passion into the world at it’s fullest and I know that’s all she wants for her clients – is that result and to feel really good in the process!”

Jess MacLeish

Bring the Sass - Founder, Creative Director & Facilitator

“Nik is an incredible woman! She’s an absolute powerhouse but a heart-centred and soul-aligned woman.

What she supported me to find was getting really clear on what my vision and my values were in my business.

Getting that from a soul-aligned place.

When that was revealed, what happened, was a level of authenticity where I could be absolutely 100% myself because I was so clear on what my message was, I was so clear on my vision, I was so clear on what my values were and they were from such a deeply soul-aligned place that it was absolutely effortless!

I was getting my message out into the world because it was my soul expressing myself through my message and the way I showed up to the world!

Nik brings those pieces of practicality together with this heart-centred, soul-aligned approach and that mix is just POWERFUL!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to get their voice out there in a very authentic, soulful and easeful way!

Jacqlin Richards

Mother, Parent Mentor, Speaker, facilitator

Group Coaching

Nik's Build Your Online Presence program provided so much practical information and easy to use tools that allowed me to design and organise my business and content in a way that felt true to me. I could write a short novel about how many "ah ha" moments I had during the course. If you are looking for an easy and fun way to build your online business that allows your individuality and personality shine through, I cannot recommend BYOP enough. It takes the icky and difficult part away leaving you with fun and excitement.
Amy Sedlaceck
@TheCreationOfYou Transformational Life Coach
I totally loved how Nik fuses real, practical biz strategies with spiritual practices and the outcome is a deeply immersive intimate experience with myself, far deeper than just learning biz strategy. One of the highlights of this program for me was how Nik created and held a safe space for us to share our fears and vulnerabilities related to being authentically visible in our business and supported us in starting to address these. I feel this process of deep internal exploration, discovery and learning have created a foundation for greater clarity, visibility and personal empowerment in my biz.
Georgie Laney
Speech Pathologist & Feldenkrais Practitioner
Before the course I had an exceptionally hard time conveying exactly what it is I do & felt very blocked in being able to express myself fully & consistently on social media. I also lacked structure & a plan! After taking this course with Nik I feel like I have obtained another whole level of clarity! Overall I feel like my mindset, beliefs & business have both had a spruce up, & I am feeling the most aligned I have been yet when it comes to realising my souls mission in life.
Jess Simson
Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist & Life Coach.