Patience brings fortune

Patience demands a certain amount of faith and trust. It is not obviously HERE NOW and neither is it obviously manifesting…[but] when you are ready to withstand the hurdles and the hardships because you so doggedly believe in your dreams, that’s when you win!

Letting go to be free!

How would it feel to step into this new year with ALL of YOU, present, here, in this moment? …When we let ourselves BE, with all that is, we let ourselves recollect our entire being. None of our spirit is left behind in a memory. None of our energy is leaking out from an energetic tie, attached to the past. All of our self is able to be here now.


Quick Tips to Letting Go

Quick tips on how to let go! Letting go, is about cutting those energetic ties or attachments to memories in the past, places, situations or even old stories and paradigms and beliefs that no longer serve you.