Let's Create Your Business Dreams!

Let's Create Your Business Dreams!

soul-led branding, business strategy + personal development for entrepreneurs

Aloha Adventurer,

Aloha Adventurer,

So you’re ready to explore working with me to realise your business dreams?


Great! I’m excited!



I’m here to raise your consciousness so you can grow your business easily and quickly, in alignment with your Soul.  



Because there is no other way is there?

Well no other way that YOU would be satisfied with am I right?



I marry both the practicals (think your soul-led branding, marketing and business strategy) with the magicals (your mindset and energy) so that you leave our sessions with a wholistic, soul-led practical and energy-aligned plan to succeed.



Keep reading below for what I offer…

Arohanui, Nik Chung

Soul-Led Branding Program

This 6-week group program is designed to ignite the Real Authentic You in your practical and magnetic brand:


A soul-led brand defines who you are, what you stand for and why you are the best choice for your people.


If you are ready to have a clear pathway and vision of how to show up online, where to focus your efforts in your biz and how to make the right decisions for you to reach your business goals with more ease, fun and fulfilment, this is the place to start.


Soul-Branding calls your people to stop and pay attention to what you have to offer to the world and allows you build a loyal, loving audience.


This is best suited for those who:

  • Know their niche inside out
  • Have explored marketing and business strategies but want more clarity what is right for them
  • Have already made sales, but are ready to step up and make more impact.


This is only available as a 6-week group program priced in the low-mid 4 figures. Please check out my next upcoming Soul-Led Branding Program here.

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VIP Unleash Your Wealth Energy 8-Week Intensive

VIP Unleash Your Wealth Energy 8-Week Intensive

An 8-week program to specifically work on your money energy!  Together we work on the energetic hurdles and resistances that are stopping you from creating the money that you desire in your business.


Just like water, for money to flourish and nourish, it must be in motion!  


Together we will dive deep into:
Your money energy – how you energetically and emotionally respond to receiving, nurturing and letting go of money.


The practical business and marketing elements that are either leaking, stopping or not taking care of your money, including areas like marketing and sales.


This is for you if you have a proven strategy to get clients, but want to stabilise your income or command higher prices for your services.  


You will leave with an energetic tune up to your highest financial desires and a practical strategic plan to make breakthroughs in your income!


Included is a self-paced 4-module course to teach you my Firing Resistance Method tool that eliminates limitations and resistances and ignites the limitless, powerful creator that you are and eight 60min 1:1 sessions with me to coach you through the process and mentor you on creating more wealth.

Unleash Your Wealth Energy is priced in the mid-four figures.  Book in your free soulful business convo to discuss or email me on nicola@nikchung.com

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Upgrade Your Consciousness To Grow Your Business

Upgrade Your Consciousness To Grow Your Business

A 12-week group program to immerse into your psyche and energetic resonance.  This deep dive into your consciousness is to uncover ALL that holds you back from creating the business and life you desire.

You will learn my Firing Resistance Method, which is designed to get you to the core of your self-imposed limitations, resistances and blocks and at the same time, activate the Real Authentic You – that limitless, powerful creator that you truly are at your core.

No more excuses.  No more holding back your power.  No more playing small. This course is for the Adventurers who are willing to go deep and take radical personal responsibility for their lives so that they can take bold action towards their business dreams. 

Are you ready?

This includes 8 group calls, a self-paced 4-module course to teach you the Firing Resistance Method, an effective Intuition tool and a practice to step into and embody your created reality NOW.

Upgrade Consciousness is priced in the low-mid four figures.  

This is available only as a group program – email me for more information for our next intake on nicola @ nikchung.com

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