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This is for you if you are an established coach, healer or soulful entrepreneur, who is doing the mindset work, but you are not making the big impact or money that you truly desire.


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Starting Monday 6 June, 2022


I'll Be Unlocking The Secrets Of Making Big Breakthroughs In Our 5 Days Together!

Day 1: The Biggest MYTH The Mindset Industry is Selling You that STOPS You From Making Big Breakthroughs In Your Biz!

* Recognise that most mindset work is LIMITED and how this is a problem to your growth
* Know what the biggest myth in mindset work is and why this stops your success
* Learn how to recognise if you are creating an ego that is actually holding you back!

Day 2: Igniting Your Desires!

* Define exactly what you desire for your business and life
* Figure out who you need to be that allows you to create your desires
* Know what kind of inner work actually works to help you expand exponentially

Day 3: Reclaiming Your Invaluable Self

* Know what your Invaluable Self Is
* Recognise when you are embodying your Invaluable Self (and when you’re not)
* Know the common traps that slip you back into old habits of NOT valuing yourself!

Day 4: The Key Components To Make Your Next Big Breakthrough

* Identify the key elements of WHY your current Mindset work is NOT working
* Understand what you need to do instead of your current mindset work
* Find out what’s missing in your business to make big breakthroughs consistently

Day 5: Shifting From Limited To Limitless LIVE COACHING CALL

* Witness the shift from Limited to Limitless and the empowered decision making thereafter
* Understand what it takes to live limitlessly so you can make leaps in your business too!

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Meet Your Host

Aloha Adventurer! I’m Nik Chung – a self-professed explorer of consciousness, business geek and nature lover!

I help soulful healers, bodyworkers, coaches and soulful entrepreneurs to align to their soul’s mission and create success on their terms, so that they don’t have to sacrifice anything to fulfil their big dreams.

Because I believe that your soulful business should be easeful, fun and fulfilling on ALL levels! 


Don’t You?!


And me and my clients are proof that this IS possible!

I’m an international best selling author, creator of Upgrade Consciousness (the paradigm shifting tool that has helped my clients make huge changes in their lives and businesses) and the sweary, no BS, spiritual, go-deep-quick kind of woman…

In this challenge I know you will get powerful insights to what you are doing (or not doing) that is keeping you stuck. And I’m excited for you to take back the EASE of EXPANDING that should be as natural as breathing! 

I can’t wait to meet you soon!

Arohanui, Nik x

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